5 Get Well Flowers To Cheer Someone Up

5 Get Well Flowers To Cheer Someone Up

It’s always tough to see someone going through a hard time, like experiencing an illness or an injury. Oftentimes, the person affected may feel a bit down or sad during their recovery, leaving you wanting to find a way to reach out. Get well flowers are a great option in these cases.

5 Great Get Well Flowers

Even if you can’t do much, sending flowers is a nice way to let your sick loved one know you are thinking of them and brighten their mood. Here are some of the best blooms to pick.

1. Roses

Roses are a classic flower to send for any occasion and are perfect for a get well soon bouquet. Instead of a deep red color, pick something bright and uplifting. Yellow roses are a happy choice and invoke friendship. You could also make an arrangement with yellow, white, pink, or orange roses for extra variety and cheeriness.

2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are great as get well flowers. They are bright and bring energy into a room, which is perfect for someone who may be stuck in their house or a hospital room while they are recovering. The tall blooms are also very striking, drawing attention and serving as a constant reminder to smile.

3. Peonies

The peony isn’t always an obvious choice when making a bouquet for someone who is sick, but it deserves a second look. They have large and lush blooms and bring a lot of life to a bedside table in a hospital or bedroom. Peonies have been found to have some medicinal and healing properties. That’s ideal for someone getting over an illness.

4. Tulips

If you want another classic option, grab some tulips. They are popular flowers that never go out of style, and are available for much of the year. Just like roses, you can get tulips in many different colors. This allows you to pick a color like yellow that symbolizes positivity, or you can just choose your loved one’s favorite color to boost their spirits.

5. Lavender

Lavender is well-loved for its calming scent, making it a great get well flower to add to your bouquet. The bright purple hue will add happiness to a room, while the scent helps create a relaxing atmosphere. Dealing with a sickness or injury is stressful, so a bit of extra calm energy is always a good idea. Mix these into a great arrangement for a unique and personal gift.

Things To Consider About Get Well Flowers

Sending flowers is always a sweet gesture. However, make sure you consider all the factors before you make your arrangement. Pick flowers that are easy to maintain. After all, the person may not have a lot of energy or mobility to take care of the flowers. Check whether the recipient has any known allergies to certain flowers. You don’t want your flowers to create a new problem.

Taking the time to wish someone well when they are sick goes a long way toward making them feel loved. Get the help you need picking the perfect get well flowers with the team at Beverly Hills Florist, and make sure your gift is perfect.