5 Types of Yellow Flowers and Why We Love Them

5 Types of Yellow Flowers and Why We Love Them

Flowers are the perfect gift because they're versatile enough to suit any loved one for any occasion. For generations, the type and color of flowers in a bouquet have conveyed heartfelt messages to the recipient. Red roses show romantic love, white flowers are ideal for weddings and yellow flowers signify fun, warmth and friendship. These bright blooms show appreciation for the friends in your life, both new and old.

The Power of Yellow Flowers

In the Victorian era, a person needed a detailed booklet to decipher all of the possible meanings a bouquet could hold. Now, the meaning of various flowers is simpler and more intuitive.

Yellow flowers symbolize friendship because their color matches the warmth and energy a true friend provides, or you can use these flowers to give a sunny welcome to a soon-to-be friend. They're an uplifting choice for occasions such as housewarming parties and birthdays or as a way to offer congratulations. Since a rich yellow flower is visually similar to gold, these blooms are also associated with wealth and good fortune. 

The positive effects of a yellow bouquet are more than merely symbolic, however. Psychologists have studied how the color yellow in a space lifts a person's mood.

A pure yellow boosts energy and can inspire feelings of happiness. It also reflects large amounts of light relative to other colors, so a yellow bouquet is like having a miniature sun in the room. Too much yellow in interior design can be overstimulating, but thoughtful yellow flower arrangements provide just the right amount of this invigorating color.

Our Favorite Yellow Flowers

At Beverly Hills Florist, we love showcasing sunny yellow flowers in our arrangements. Here are five of our favorites. 

1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are highly recognizable for their warm brown centers and frill of golden petals. They grow naturally in all 50 U.S. states, so your recipient likely has fond memories of this summertime flower already. Sunflowers have a gentle, grassy scent that is subtle enough for those sensitive to smells. 

A large bouquet of sunflowers is an economical choice for a gift, but that doesn't make these yellow flowers any less elegant than the other choices on the list. Their simplicity and soft lines famously inspired an eleven-painting series by Vincent Van Gogh. 

2. Yellow Roses

For a classic friendship flower, there's no choice quite like an arrangement of yellow roses. Roses bring a springtime scent to any season. Yellow roses in particular have complex undertones of lemon and honey. Their large pollen grains are too heavy to enter the air, making roses one of the most hypoallergenic yellow flowers. 

The freshest roses have soft, flexible petals with no visible veins. Freshness is especially crucial in yellow roses because they can discolor quickly. Half-open roses are at their peak freshness and continue to open as the bouquet is displayed. Buy roses from a trusted florist to ensure uniform color and the best scent. 

3. Cymbidium Orchids

Roses and sunflowers are both good choices for yellow flowers, but for something more unexpected, consider a showstopping array of Cymbidium Orchids. Cymbidium orchids hail from the harsh conditions of the Himalayan mountains, yet they grow in abundant branches. This makes them a wonderful symbolic choice for a congratulatory bouquet. The subtle jewels of red at the center of these orchids enhance the warmth of their yellow petals. 

Orchids are tropical flowers renowned for their interesting, refined flower shapes and their subtly sweet scents. The Victorians collected them as a show of wealth, but for thousands of years prior, the orchid was a touchstone of Chinese art and culture. Orchids come in a variety of scents and colors, growing on every continent in the world besides Antarctica. 

These flowers have a reputation for being more finicky than other flowers, but they are actually quite hardy once cut. If given fresh water and kept out of direct sun, cut orchids can remain vibrant for a week or more. 

4. Protea

Most people haven't heard of this exotic bloom, but it's at the forefront of trends in yellow flowers. Interestingly, the protea is also one of the oldest flowers, with fossilized samples dating from 300 million years ago.

Today, this tropical flower is available in a vivacious Queen Bee arrangement with yellow roses and delicate pink-rimmed yellow tulips. The gold vase has a crystal-inlaid crown motif, making this arrangement an excellent gift for any strong and regal woman in your life. 

Proteas can take hundreds of different shapes, which is why they earned the name of the Greek mythological figure Proteus, who could do the same. The most popular shape for protea in floral arrangements is an ornate starburst. The protea's wide-set petals and bright color resemble a firework at the peak of its flight.

5. Yellow Tulips

Tulips are classic spring flowers. In Amsterdam, tulips have been carefully bred for beauty and vivid color over hundreds of years. Like other yellow flowers, yellow tulips signify friendship, care and good wishes. Some varieties of yellow tulips naturally have borders of blush pink or red along the petals.

Their thin, delicate petals are partially translucent, amplifying the brightness of their yellow color. A fine tulip can appear like a miniature lantern, illuminated from within. 

Tulips blend well with roses, orchids and peonies in a soothing bouquet. Accents of soft pinks and greens provide contrast to the warmth of the yellow flowers. 

Where To Order the Best Yellow Flowers

Yellow is a great match for all springtime and autumn colors, making any of the flowers on this list a welcome addition to many different floral arrangements. Simple sunflowers, classic roses or magnificent tropical orchids and protea can all brighten a room as well as someone's day. 

There's a small window of time between perfectly bright yellow flowers and dull, brown-tinged blooms. A master florist not only chooses the healthiest flowers but arranges them in thoughtful ways that keep the color at its best. Shop Beverly Hills Florist's selection of yellow floral arrangements to bring a ray of sunshine to any special occasion.