7 Beautiful Types of Purple Flowers To Delight Any Bloom Lover

7 Beautiful Types of Purple Flowers To Delight Any Bloom Lover

Receiving a bouquet of flowers is one of life's greatest joys. A floral gift has an immediate effect on a person's happiness and also leads to a closer connection with the sender. Choosing an arrangement in the person's favorite color also demonstrates how special they are to you. Here is the information you need about seven popular types of purple flowers.

The Symbolism of Purple Flowers

Traditionally, the color purple has represented wealth and royalty for reasons dating back to the Roman Empire. The timely and costly method of obtaining purple dye was only affordable to royalty and wealthy individuals until the invention of synthetic dye methods in the 1850s. This royal reputation makes a bouquet of purple flowers an appropriate gift to congratulate someone on a recent success or as a housewarming gift for a new home. They are also the perfect colored arrangement to decorate an elegant hotel or restaurant.

However, there is a more delicate side to these vibrant bouquets as well. This color can show the recipient your enduring affection or thank them for their thoughtfulness or generosity. At a funeral or gravesite, purple blooms can speak of the devoted love that continues through the grief of the loss of a loved one.

The Top 7 Types of Purple Flowers in Bouquets

There are several flowers to choose from when selecting the suitable blooms for an arrangement to gift a lover of purple. Here are the top seven favorites and the associated symbolism with each flower.

1. Lavender Rose 

Roses are among the most popular choices when selecting flowers for any gift. The timeless scent and beautifully shaped blooms are often associated with romance, weddings and anniversaries. However, they are just as cherished when given for a birthday, Mother's Day, or as a thank you.

A lavender rose is rare, which makes it especially meaningful to the receiver. Their feminine beauty expresses feelings of love just as well as their red counterparts. They are often sent to express love at first sight, adoration and a desire to get to know the recipient better. 

2. Purple Tulip

The symmetrical petals, long stems and fleshy leaves of a tulip are a springtime favorite. They look stunning when placed together in a single vase or combined with other flowers in a vibrant arrangement.

The regal color and velvety sheen of the purple tulip are sure to make an elegant impression on the receiver. An arrangement of tulips makes an excellent gift for graduations, new jobs and other celebrations.

3. Purple Moon Orchid

The purple moon orchid is one of the most cherished types of purple flowers. The unique features of this delicate flower are highlighted in a single bloom or a cluster of flowers. Orchids are generally known as a symbol of beauty, love and luxury. However, a purple version can also represent respect and admiration.

An arrangement of purple moon orchids makes an excellent housewarming or hostess gift. It is also popular to give in celebration of Mother's Day or birthdays.

4. Purple Vanda 

Vandas are part of the orchid family but look different than traditional orchids. These flowers are more prominent and often feature a combination of purple and white in a symmetrical pattern. The blossoms have an alluring fragrance to match their beautiful appearance.

Purple vandas are stunning when arranged together in a vase. Another popular option is to combine them with roses, pink peonies and hydrangeas for a feminine bouquet that's great for a centerpiece or to gift your best gal pal for any occasion.

5. Purple Hydrangea 

Hydrangeas are a favorite flower for their large, showy cluster of blooms. They add volume and texture as well as color to floral bouquets. They are an excellent choice for decorative flower arrangements in hotels and restaurants. They make a welcome addition to a brilliant display of blooms at an event. However, be careful when sending them to a person's home as they are toxic to cats and dogs when ingested.

A gift of purple hydrangeas symbolizes gratefulness and a deep understanding of a relationship. In a business setting, they stand for leadership and pride in accomplishments.

6. Purple Lilac

Lilacs are a celebration of the arrival of springtime and youth's joy. The large blooms can grow up to 8 inches in length. Lilacs are one of the most popular fragrant flowers due to their sweet, pleasant scent. 

There are two shades of purple lilacs, and each has its own symbolism. The delicate, lavender-colored lilac speaks of romance and first love. Blooms are often combined with other romantic flowers for wedding centerpieces and bouquets and also make excellent anniversary gifts.

The deeper purple lilac has a more spiritual symbolism. It is a meditative bloom that reflects a connection to the spiritual side of life. Therefore, it is appropriate to send lilacs to someone in mourning or include it in a funeral bouquet.

7. Purple Hyacinth

Hyacinths are eye-catching bold flowers with vivid colors, making them popular in floral arrangements. Their spikes of flowers stand above green foliage shaped like small blades. These beautiful blooms have a classic sweet floral scent similar to a gardenia.

Purple hyacinths represent devoted love, making them a fantastic anniversary gift. In addition, they are often placed on the grave of a loved one or used in funeral arrangements to express a devotion that continues even after death. Finally, the purple blooms symbolize elegance and wealth when displayed in a restaurant or hotel.

A floral arrangement created with one or more of these seven types of purple flowers will surely please the purple fan in your life. Now that you know the symbolism associated with each flower, you can choose an arrangement that delivers just the right message to your recipient.

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