9 Reasons To Give Someone Just Because Flowers

9 Reasons To Give Someone Just Because Flowers

Flowers make special occasions more memorable. They’ve played an important role as gifts at least since the Victorian era. Brides in ancient Greece and Rome also wore flowery garlands.

You don’t always need a specific reason to send flowers to someone you care about. We have an entire floral category dedicated to just because flowers. Try these ideas to spread some love today.

1. Surprise Someone Important to You        

Everyone loves gifts, and a fresh bouquet is one of the best surprises. One study found that people who receive flowers smile with their eyes, a Duchenne smile showing real enjoyment. It happens automatically.

2. Remind a Friend of a Special Memory

The unique scents of flowers have the power to bring back treasured moments. There’s a close connection between emotions, aromas and memories. The right just because flowers can take the person back to a romantic getaway, happy vacation or pleasant moment from childhood.

3. Make a Tiring Workday Truly Exceptional

If someone you care about is under a lot of stress at work, why not perk up their day with the relaxing aroma and encouraging sight of fresh flowers? Beautiful flowers give someone a well-deserved break from stress and anxiety, making any day more positive. Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings are excellent times to surprise someone with flowers.

4. Build a Loving Relationship With Your Partner

Love isn’t just about the big moments. Often, the best way to show someone how much you value them is with small things. Heartfelt hugs, unexpected compliments, little notes with encouraging words and surprise flowers all work magic. They say “I love you” without expecting anything in return.

5. Express Yourself With Just Because Flowers

Sometimes, flowers are more about how you’re feeling. If you're excited, celebrate! Some people have the custom of sending flowers for completely random reasons, such as the last Friday of the month, the first day of spring or a new hairstyle.

6. Tell a Friend You’re Thinking About Them

Getting a floral arrangement reminds a friend, sibling or parent that they’re on your mind. When you do it just because, you show how much you care.

7. Put a Smile on Your Mom’s Face

There’s no reason to wait until Mother’s Day to make your mom smile. You can remind her that she’s special every day with flowers out of the blue.

8. Reach Out to a Busy Friend

Even the best of friends can drift apart because of a busy lifestyle. Flowers are the perfect way to break the ice. No one can resist the pull of custom floral arrangements.

9. Do Something Nice for a New Acquaintance

There are times in life when you meet someone new and their personality just clicks with yours. Sending flowers makes a great impression, paving the way for a wonderful friendship.

Make Someone Smile Today With Just Because Flowers

What makes this type of gift so special is its spontaneity. Make someone happy today. It feels good to know you’re the reason a loved one is smiling.

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