All the Fascinating Facts About Peonies Flowers

All the Fascinating Facts About Peonies Flowers

Peonies flowers are striking blooms; the blossoms are huge. They are sweetly fragrant and come in countless beautiful shades of pink, white and red. But how much do you really know about these stunning blooms? These flowers are as fascinating as they are pretty, with a long history and a devoted following in many parts of the world.

Significance of Giving Peonies Flowers

The peony is one of the most popular flowers you can give, enjoying a fan base almost as wide as that of the rose. In any floral arrangement, the peony blossom will stand out and demand notice. Because of the wide variety and broad appeal of the peony, they are appropriate for any occasion, but they have a special place in the world of weddings.

Ideal for Weddings and Anniversaries

Peonies are often included in wedding bouquets since they are considered good luck and the harbinger of a happy marriage. Peonies are the official flower of the 12-year marriage anniversary as well. If you want to give flowers at a wedding, you can't do better than peonies.

Beautiful in Every Color

Peonies flowers are not limited to the well-known shades of pink; in fact, they come in every color except blue, and some purples come very close even to this elusive hue. There are thousands of varieties of peonies with more being bred every year. This flower has a color to suit every arrangement although pinks, reds and whites remain the most popular.

Interesting Details About Peonies Flowers

Peonies aren't just lovely to look at though. They're interesting plants with a long history of being appreciated and nurtured by human beings.

Peonies Are Not Related to Roses

Although often mistaken as the cousin of the rose, the peony is not in the rose family of Rosaceae. The peony belongs to the family Paeoniaceae, which is native to Asia, Europe and Western North America. Since some varieties of roses have flowers very similar to a peony, however, the confusion is understandable.

Several varieties of cabbage roses, such as the Romantic Antike, Caramel Antike, and the aptly named Pink Peony Rose, are so reminiscent of the peony that they are commonly used in arrangements when peonies are out of season.

Peonies Flowers Are Grown in Alaska

Alaska is a major producer of field-grown peonies for commercial use. Most of the peony farms in this largely wild frontier state are found in the southern and central areas, including along the Kenai Peninsula. Peony farms are also located in the more northern region in and around Fairbanks.

Because Alaska stays cooler in the summer months, the blooming season of the peony can be extended past the early spring bloom times of most of the United States. This gives the Alaskan farms the ability to provide peonies flowers for the busiest wedding months of May and June.

Peony Roots Are Medicinal

Common in Chinese medicine for over 1,000 years, the root of the peony has been used to fight fever, pain, inflammation, cramps, anxiety and depression. The root contains phytoestrogen as well, which has been shown to ease menopausal symptoms caused by the loss of estrogen.

Paeoniflorin, a compound of the white peony or garden peony, has been shown in studies as recently as 2019 and 2020 to be effective in combating auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, as well as inflammatory disorders of the liver and kidney, and in supporting a healthy microbiome.

Selecting the Perfect Peony

These fascinating flowers have a loyal fan base. Most people have a favorite color or variety. As with any flower you choose, the color is significant.

White for Purity

Unmatched for the impression of pure innocence and uplifting hopefulness, white peonies are wildly popular for wedding arrangements, births and bridal showers. They can also be used in a simple bouquet to say you're sincerely sorry to a loved one or to brighten any room.

Red for Passion

As with roses, the deep red peony on its own stands for romance and passion. Mixed with the lighter shades of white and pink, it makes an eye-catching accent. These are bold, richly colored blooms, stunning in virtually any presentation.

Yellow for Friendship

Yellow peonies flowers are bright and cheerful, and they indicate hope for the future, good fortune and love for a friend. There are honestly few flowers that can compare to these. Appropriate as a gift for any new venture, they're excellent for housewarmings, baby showers, weddings, graduations or birthdays.

Light Pink for Prosperity

These softly colored spring blooms are excellent for any arrangement. They are associated with prosperity, good fortune and love. They are perfect for Mothers' Day, spring or early summer weddings, showers or as a stand-out Valentine's Day bouquet.

Dark Pink for Celebration

The deeper pink and hot pink peonies flowers are for celebration, such as a thank you gift, congratulations or wishing someone good luck in a new home or on a new venture. They mix beautifully as an accent with any of the other shades of pink, white or red. They signify love and good cheer, hope and best wishes.

Most Popular Peonies Flowers

1. Sarah Bernhardt

This is the ultimate creamy, light-pink blossom. Loved since 1906, Sara Bernhardt is the most commonly selected peony.

2. Duchesse de Nemours

Pure white and also called Queen of the Whites, this heirloom variety is over 150 years old.

3. Kansas

Deep raspberry in color with a small and mostly hidden yellow center, this variety was introduced in 1940 and is still beloved today.

Giving Peonies Flowers

Peonies are always a beautiful choice for giving. While they are not available all year, they are a treasure when they are in season. All flowers are delightful, but peonies show that you put some real thought into the selection. Peonies are less predictable than roses, and they are every bit as lovely.

Peonies are fascinating cultivars offering a variety of colors, a heady fragrance and stunning blooms that are truly second-to-none. To see some of our delightful arrangements featuring peonies flowers, visit Beverly Hills Florist today. You'll find the right arrangement for your special occasion or a spontaneous just-because gift for someone special.