Birthday Flowers by Month and Their Symbolism

Birthday Flowers by Month and Their Symbolism

Birthdays are special. Everyone has one. The month you were born is significant, and loved ones often send flowers to celebrate. Did you know there are specific birthday flowers by month? Here is a guide to the meaning of each flower.

January Through June Birthday Flowers by Month

The birthday flowers for the year's first six months signify new beginnings. As winter ends and spring starts, new growth and beautiful flowers appear.

January – Carnation and Snowdrop

Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) means love flowers. This flower smells like sweet cloves and has ruffles. Carnations come in various colors, symbolizing things such as the love of a woman (pink) or rejection (yellow).

Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) means milk-white snow. This flower is a small, fragile white plant. Snowdrops symbolize pure innocence and the hope of rebirth. People born in January are passionate and care deeply for others. In addition to birthdays, give these flowers to let someone know you care about them. 

February – Violet and Primrose

Violet (Viola) and primrose (Primula) bloom in early spring, adding beautiful colors to the landscape. Violets have heart-shaped leaves, which is appropriate for February. Both February birthday flowers by month are reminders of youth and innocence and love that is everlasting. Therefore, people born in February are likely honest and innocent.

March – Daffodil and Jonquil

Both daffodils and jonquils are in the Narcissus family and are similar in appearance. These flowers have six petals and a yellow fringed, trumpet-shaped corona in the middle. The daffodil and jonquil signify optimism and new beginnings. People born in March likewise are cheerful and provide a bright spot in everyone's day.

April – Daisy and Sweet Pea

Daisy (Bellis perennis) means "day's eye." This plant is composed of two flowers, one made up of tiny clusters in the center of the daisy and the other made up of the petals, which signifies the sun. Since daisies work in harmony, it is no surprise that they symbolize true love.

The sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus) is beautiful and fragrant. A bouquet that includes these flowers symbolizes kindness, gratitude and happiness. People born in April are sweet and kind.

May – Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) has a sweet perfume scent. These dainty, bell-shaped white birthday flowers by month symbolize happiness and purity. This flower also signifies the return of motherhood, so it is an excellent choice for Mother's Day or a birthday bouquet for your mother.

Hawthorn (Crataegus) is a shrub from the rose family that flowers. It looks similar to an apple or cherry blossom. The blooms then turn into berries. The hawthorn symbolizes all kinds of love, not just romance. People born in May are happy and loving.

June – Rose and Honeysuckle

Similar to carnations, roses symbolize different things based on their color. Red means love, pink means happiness and white means innocence.

Honeysuckles are tube-shaped flowers with four petals that grow in pairs of clusters. Like the hawthorn, honeysuckle blooms change to berries after they flower. People who are born in June represent beauty and honor.

July Through December Birthday Flowers by Month

The birthday flowers for the year's second half signify power and hope. This is the time of year when summer ends and the weather gets cooler, but the flowers still bloom and provide a pop of color.

July – Larkspur and Water Lilies

Larkspurs grow several feet tall, while water lilies grow beneath the water's surface. Both are colorful. Larkspurs have five petals and symbolize dedication and sincerity. Water lilies can grow several feet in diameter and symbolize innocence, romance or wisdom, depending on their color. People who are born in July are kind-hearted.

August – Gladiolus and Poppy

The flowers for August are bright and colorful. The gladiolus symbolizes strength and integrity, while its leaves suggest a sword of love has pierced the heart. Poppies come in a variety of colors. White is given to console someone, yellow is for success and red means pleasure. Like the gladiolus, people born in August are strong and confident.

September – Aster and Morning Glory

Asters symbolize powerful love, while the morning glory signifies affection. Both of these birthday flowers by month add a touch of color to the end of summer. The aster resembles a star, which is what its name means. The morning glory blooms early in the day and closes later in the afternoon. People born in September demonstrate love and wisdom.

October – Marigold and Cosmos

The marigold has bright autumn colors and a strong scent. This flower symbolizes optimism and lasting love. The cosmos has evenly spaced petals and represents peace and harmony. People born in October are passionate and work hard.

November – Chrysanthemum

November is the only month with just one birthday flower. The chrysanthemum, or simply "mum," means "golden flower." Today you can find mums in many colors, such as white representing innocence and red meaning love. People born in November are honest and happy.

December – Narcissus and Holly

The narcissus and holly signify hope and are the birthday flowers for December. The holly is an evergreen with berries and, in addition to birthday flowers, would look great in a December bouquet. The paperwhite narcissus, which grows in the winter, is the specific flower variety for this month. People born in December are joyful.

Other Suggestions for Birthday Flowers by Month

In addition to ordering flowers to celebrate someone's birth, there are other significant ways to incorporate birthday flowers by month into memorable events. When choosing flowers for your wedding, use the bride's and groom's birthday flowers to make the bouquets. Celebrating an anniversary is an excellent time to include flowers of the birth months of the immediate family. Sending the mother a bouquet that includes birthday flowers of her newborn baby is a nice touch. There are many different ways to give special meaning to a celebration by including birthday flowers.

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