Four Most Common Types of Roses in Flower Bouquets

Four Most Common Types of Roses in Flower Bouquets

When you consider flowers for a loved one, roses are likely the first blooms to come to mind. Roses are the hands-down favorite blossom for giving and receiving.

You may not be aware of how many types of roses exist. Hundreds of flowers belong to this marvelously diverse family, and many of them lend themselves in unique ways to the perfect bouquet.

Four Common Types of Roses for Beautiful Arrangements

There are over 150 species of roses, with thousands of hybrid varieties, and each has specific features which determine its appeal for use in floral bouquets:

  • Color
  • Bloom size
  • Fragrance
  • Stem length

Most of the roses you'll find in a bouquet or floral arrangement belong to the family of modern garden roses, including the hybrid tea varieties. These roses were introduced in 1867. Bred for longer bloom times, larger and more dramatic flowers, and improved vase life, these are some of the most popular types of roses for cutting.

1. Long-Stemmed Roses

The long-stemmed rose is a perennial favorite, especially in red. These beloved flowers are a variety of hybrid tea roses, known for their long stems and single blooms. They come in a wide range of colors, each of which has significance.

Red is for love. Pink is generally used to express sympathy. Purple or lavender indicates infatuation or enchantment, while yellow is the color for friendship and good cheer. White roses are for innocence and are very popular for wedding arrangements or celebrations of birth.

If you choose long-stemmed roses, you are making a statement. The color varieties allow you to communicate in the language of flowers, especially for those moments in life when the right words are difficult to find.

2. Sweetheart Roses

This group includes several types of roses that also belong under the heading of modern garden roses. Sweetheart roses are generally smaller versions of hybrid tea roses and can be either single or multiple blossoms. You can choose these delicate-looking flowers for a bouquet of dainty colorful blooms or include them in arrangements with other blossoms for dramatic visual effect.

Like their larger cousins, they also come in an expansive selection of colors and bloom types. Light pink is the most popular color for a sweetheart rose, but they are also commonly found in white, yellow, and shades of red.

Contrary to what you might assume from the name, these roses are an appropriate gift for anyone; they are not just for a romantic moment. Sweetheart roses usually have a discrete but discernible floral scent.

3. David Austin Roses

David Austin has reintroduced some of the wonderful features of old garden rose varieties into the modern hybrids, resulting in some of the most popular roses of all. Also known as English roses, these flowers have generous blooms with a delightful fragrance not found in many of the other modern types of roses.

The David Austin roses have shorter stems, so they are usually used in the context of a floral arrangement rather than as a standalone bouquet. Some of the blooms have the traditional rosette form found in the older types of roses, reminiscent of a peony or ranunculus blossom, with concentric rings of petals forming an almost perfect circle of varying shades of color.

Others are similar to the classic form of most hybrid tea roses, unfolding from a tight bud to the flowing full and shapely bloom of an open rose. The David Austin roses are some of the most beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers you will find at the florist.

4. Floribunda & Grandiflora Roses

These roses generally produce multiple blooms on each stem. They are both derived from the hybrid tea roses, crossed with Polyantha roses which have clusters of tiny flowers in shades of pink, red, and white. Floribunda roses offer a terrific array of colors including purple, orange, and yellow in addition to the more traditional pink and white.

The blossoms themselves for these types of roses are impressively large and sturdy and are shaped like their single-blossom relatives, the long-stemmed roses. They also have an excellent vase life but are usually only mildly scented.

Reasons These Four Types of Roses Are Perfect Cut Flowers

Modern roses have been carefully selected and raised for people to enjoy in our daily lives. Of course, anyone would love to take a stroll through a rose garden every afternoon, but for most people, that isn't a realistic expectation on an average weekday.

Flowers, however, are a natural way for us to brighten our days and lift the human spirit. Thankfully, botanists have spent generations breeding them specifically so that we can bring them indoors and enjoy the benefits of fresh flowers in our homes and offices.

These four varieties of roses have been bred to be cut, displayed, and shared in our modern world. The hybrid tea roses are ideal for a long-lasting arrangement or bouquet. The David Austin varieties offer the fragrance and classic look of the old-world flowers blended with the versatility and hardiness of the tea roses. The features highlighted by intense and careful breeding have created types of roses that are ideally suited to their purpose.

Choosing the Right Roses for Your Occasion

With all of the popular types of roses available, you may find it difficult to choose. Consider what message you wish to convey with your selection.

For a declaration of love, the long-stemmed red rose is the classic choice. Or perhaps you want to lighten it up a bit and blend those beautiful crimson blossoms with other flowers. If it's a baby shower or a wedding, light pink or white roses of any variety are a traditional and tasteful selection. To congratulate a friend on a new job, try yellow or orange Floribunda roses to show some enthusiasm and encouragement.

Roses provide beautiful options for the ideal gift for any occasion. Come visit us at Beverly Hills Florist and have a look at all the types of roses we offer. You'll find the right bouquet or arrangement for your special someone.