How To Care for Succulent Arrangements

How To Care for Succulent Arrangements

A floral bouquet of colorful blooms is often the first option thought of when purchasing a gift or a decorative item from a florist. However, don't rule out the low-maintenance succulent arrangements when shopping for the right look or present. These plants are rising in popularity for their ease of care and simple beauty.

Discover the Beauty of Succulents

Succulents come in various shapes and sizes, from small, compact plants to taller cacti. Though most are green, you can find succulents in muted shades of purple, blue, or pink or bright oranges and reds. Cacti, aloe, stonecrop and agave are all succulents. Even the Christmas cactus is part of this plant group.

Small succulents of various colors and shapes look beautiful when arranged together in a pot and displayed in a home or place of business. Larger plants can stand alone and make a decorative statement in any space.

Provide the Right Care to Succulent Arrangements

Although succulents are easier to care for than most house plants, they have different requirements to keep them thriving. Follow these guidelines to keep your plants looking beautiful.

Water Sparingly

It is common for well-meaning succulent owners to accidentally kill the plant by overwatering it, which causes root rot. However, not enough hydration causes the plant to dry up and die.

The key to the proper hydration balance is to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering the succulents. Then, give the plant a thorough soaking and allow the excess to drain off. If your arrangement is in a smaller pot with no drainage, water it very lightly to avoid excess water pooling up at the base and causing root rot.

Provide the Right Amount of Light

Although succulents are desert plants, full sun exposure causes sunburn, especially in pale, solid green or variegated varieties. However, not enough light causes the plant to lose its vibrancy and eventually die.

Keep your succulents healthy in a location where they receive indirect light all day or no more than four hours of direct sunlight, preferably in the morning. Rotate the pot occasionally to ensure all sides get sunlight. Now and then, take your succulent arrangements outdoors for a few hours to soak up some fresh air and morning sunshine.

Feed Annually 

Keep your succulent bowl thriving by providing it with the necessary nutrients. An annual dose of well-balanced fertilizer is all that's needed. The best time to feed the plant is springtime, the start of the growing season. Use an organic fertilizer designed specifically for succulents for the best results. Otherwise, cut the dose in half when using all-purpose plant food.

Follow these care guidelines to keep your succulents healthy and happy. Then, don't be surprised if you find yourself adding even more beautiful succulents to your home or office.

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