Our Favorite Fall Wedding Flowers

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Flowers

Planning your wedding for fall opens up an array of flower options for your bridal bouquet and decor. Fall wedding flowers can be every bit as showstopping as spring and summer wedding arrangements. Rich jewel tones and unique fall-blooming flowers bring the depth of this season's natural beauty to your wedding day.

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Flowers

There are dozens of flowers well-suited for a fall wedding, but here are a few standout choices. Roses and calla lilies are year-round favorites, while others, such as dahlias, are at their best and brightest in fall.

Warm-Hued Roses 

Roses are classic wedding flowers because of their sweet scent and age-old associations with love and beauty. Roses are also versatile choices, blooming in many more colors than the traditional white, pink and red. Serena Williams' New Orleans wedding featured tables full of golden roses.

Since one of the most beautiful aspects of a fall wedding is bright foliage, consider tying in those colors with your floral choices. One trend in fall weddings is to experiment with eye-catching, less traditional arrangements to set wedding pictures apart. A deep burgundy rose bouquet with photogenic and unusual fanlike leaves puts a modern spin on these classic fall wedding flowers.


Fall weddings are a perfect showcase for dahlias, an ornate tropical flower that blooms from midsummer all the way through autumn. The tradition of using dahlias for weddings dates back to the Victorians, who associated them with a lifelong romantic bond and gave them as a symbol of commitment.

Warm Creams and Ivories

Stark white tends to clash with the gold tones of the season, so cream-colored dahlias in full bloom with a few ivory roses make for stunning fall wedding flowers. They deliver bridal white while blending with the jewel tones and other warm colors of fall weddings.

Bold Pops of Color

Dahlias can also have some of the brightest, most varied colorations of any wedding flower. Brides magazine tapped bold colors as one of their top five floral trends for 2022. Whether you're picturing vivid oranges and yellows or velvety deep purples, you'll find these tones and more in fall's dahlias.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are right at home in wedding arrangements, fitting any venue from backyards to cathedrals. These tropical blooms are adaptable enough to be at their best through multiple seasons. Their tall profile and elegant lines are well-suited to a fall wedding in a church or a botanical garden.

Classic Bridal White

White calla lilies are such a perfect flower for a bridal bouquet that many brides say they grant luck to a new marriage. Some varieties feature hidden troves of red or purple to echo the colors of fall foliage. All-white calla lilies are still a simple, timeless choice for fall wedding flowers.

Fiery Orange and Purple

Did you know that the calla lily grows in more colors than the traditional white? Orange varieties are an unexpected choice for a fall wedding.

Well-grown calla lilies blend peachy hues with yellows, reds and purples for all the shades of sunset in one flower. Sunset calla lilies allow you to incorporate all of fall's jewel tones in a single selection.

Green Orchids

For a modern bridal bouquet, many brides are moving away from the firm ball of roses seen in years past. For a contemporary look, many guides recommend adding flowing greenery such as ivy and eucalyptus.

The downside of this strategy is that more foliage translates to fewer blooms in your bouquet. Mixing green orchids into a bridal bouquet as an accent gives this same contemporary effect without diluting the number of flowers.

Green orchids' centers have tones of fuschia and gold that tie in well with many other fall wedding flowers. Their famed open shapes add airiness to a bouquet and break up harsh lines. As there are tens of thousands of orchid varieties, choosing this flower helps ensure your wedding bouquet's uniqueness.

Where To Select the Best Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall-blooming flowers are bold and richly colored and incorporate many of the bridal trends of the moment. Spring weddings may have hydrangeas and summer weddings their sunflower stalks, but fall has always been the season associated most strongly with nature's bounty.

Whether you're planning for bold colors to match changing leaves or classic ivories, choose a trusted professional florist for flowers at the peak of their beauty. Browse Beverly Hills Florist's selection of romantic floral arrangements, or contact us to select the best fall wedding flowers.