Our Top Summer Flower Arrangements

Our Top Summer Flower Arrangements

Summer flower arrangements are a beautiful way to bring the color of the season inside. Warmer temperatures and bright sunshine can be felt indoors with a welcoming, vibrant array of blooms. Whatever the occasion, you are sure to find an arrangement that is suitable and impactful. You will find the following floral collaborations ideal for business lobbies, elegant dining settings, special events or unique gifts for your loved ones.

Hallmarks of Summer Flower Arrangements

Floral arrangements that celebrate the season need both color and practicality, and though beautiful, there are some flowers to avoid when creating your summer bouquets. You wouldn’t want a collection of dark colors or blooms that tend to droop quickly. Hollow stem flowers don’t hold water well, and hyacinth, daffodils and tulips have a shorter lifespan than some of the other blooms available during the season. For lasting color and a memorable impact, consider these favorite summer flower arrangements.

Orchid Collections

These gorgeous blooms love temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, though they need a slight cooling-off period at night. An arrangement made with these flowers looks exotic, especially when paired with other tropical flowers. Use anthurium, ginger and tropical foliage such as palm fronds or ferns with orchid arrangements.

Rose Collections

You can’t go wrong with gorgeous, colorful roses in summer flower arrangements. Roses are a classic flower suitable for any occasion, with lush colors that brighten any indoor space. You also have endless arrangement options with roses, creating oversized designs for large spaces or small, intimate vase arrangements for more intimate placings or as gifts. Garden roses have soft, blush colors and are more casual while combining a sunny yellow rose with a darker pink has a more dramatic impact.

Peony Collections

In addition to being a standout addition to flower arrangements, peonies have a strong fragrance that can lift the spirit. These gorgeous blooms can open as much as 10 inches wide, and your color combinations are endless. Layer these oversized flowers for more of an impact or keep it chic and classy with a pure white or another solid color arrangement.

Sunflower Collections

There is a natural connection between sunflowers and summer flower arrangements. The bold color and the tall, upward blooms are iconic symbols of summertime fun. A sunflower arrangement is ideal for oversized spaces, either used as a focal point or placed around a large event space. You can mix these brilliant petals with hydrangea flowers, snapdragons and roses. Orange and red flowers are striking when paired with deep yellow, but purple or blue can make a stronger statement.

Succulent Collections

Not every arrangement needs to focus on colorful blooms. Green, earthy succulents are both complementary to an arrangement or useful as a standalone design. These are practical and unique, and with a variety of shapes and sizes, you have options for both small and delicate or statement-sized arrangements. These are also low-maintenance.

Order Your Summer Flower Arrangements

To take advantage of these striking summer options, order yours today from Beverly Hills Florist. Schedule a monthly delivery of summer flower arrangements for your business or simply order your special someone a gorgeous gift.




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