Popular Blooms: Dahlia Flowers

Popular Blooms: Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia flowers are one of the most popular flowers for both decoration and gifts. They are simple yet quirky, attractive and bright. They come in multiple colors, ranging from red to lavender, yellow to orange, white to pink, green, and even multicolored. The amazing variety of colors and shapes makes dahlias a versatile choice of flower for any occasion.

The Popularity of Dahlia Flowers

Recently these beauties have gained popularity. This is due, in part, to their history and variety. Dahlias are flowers rich in history. The plants are native to Mexico; according to records, they have been appreciated for their beauty and used in different rituals since pre-Hispanic times. 

The dahlia had medicinal importance in the Aztec culture as a treatment for epilepsy. That Central American people also used them to decorate their homes and religious buildings and as inspiration for artwork. Dahlias were employed as ink to dye Aztec clothes and in tea. This tradition persists today.

Dahlias were a versatile and important plant then, and they continue to be popular today due to the wide variety of dahlia species available. They can express many different emotions and convey different messages, whether you’re hoping to send feelings of hope, affection or happiness.

Varieties of Dahlias

The first dahlia flowers were officially recorded by Spaniards in Mexico in 1525; however, the genus “Dahlia” was labeled much later, in 1791 by José Antonio Cavanilles. Since then, 42 species have been discovered all over the world. The following are some of the most well-known.

1. Decorative Dahlias

These comprise one of the largest dahlia varieties. As its name suggests, they are used for decorative arrangements. Decorative dahlias offer a wide variety of shapes and colors to make a fabulous bouquet for any occasion.

2. Cactus Dahlias

This beautiful species has long, double flowering petals and a petal pattern completely distinct from decorative dahlias. Cactus dahlias are divided into subcategories. The most famous of these are the incurved cactus, straight cactus, and semi-cactus. These are a unique choice in a bouquet and will definitely stand out.

3. Pompom Dahlias

Much like cactus dahlias, these have a double flowering bloom. They can reach up to 2 inches in diameter and their petals are round and closely placed. They look like a round pompom and come in many color combinations, which makes them excellent decorative flowers.

4. Anemone Dahlias

Anemone dahlia flowers have large, simple outer petals and smaller, compacted inner petals. Many varieties are bi-colored. Two of the most common and well-known anemone dahlias are the purpinka and boogie-woogie varieties. Purpinkas are just what they sound like: pink fading into purple. Boogie-woogies have fuschia and white petals on the outside and yellow petals on the inner section of the flower.

5. Peony Dahlias

One of the most beautiful types of dahlias is the peony dahlia. It has a single flowering bloom and looks similar to a peony, but with pointier petals. These flowers are mainly yellow and pink.

6. Waterlily Dahlias

Waterlily dahlias are a double bloom variety. They look similar to waterlilies, with slightly curved petals. They tend to be vividly colored.

7. Single Dahlias

As its name implies, single dahlias are single-flowering plants. This plant has flowers with wide, uniform petals that range from yellow to red to pink. Because pollinators are constantly hovering over single dahlias, they are one of the favorites in gardens and are great for bees.

8. Mignon Dahlias

Mignon dahlia flowers look similar to single dahlias, except that they are slightly smaller and a bit rounded. With vibrant colors and vivid shapes, they are popular as contrast centers in decorative arrangements.

Meaning and Symbolism

Besides their beauty, another important reason why dahlias are chosen as gifts for special events and are popular among brides and florists is their meaning and symbolism. Because of the diversity of these blooms, they have multiple meanings in the language of flowers. They are often used to convey beauty, affection, commitment, kindness, and elegance, depending on the variety. Whatever their specific and varied meaning, they all have positive connotations. If you want to express support, gratitude, commitment, or love, dahlias are the perfect flower to do so.

Gifting Dahlia Flowers 

There is no doubt that dahlia flowers are versatile, excellent gifts, and exquisitely beautiful. Many florists, brides, and gardeners know this and now you’re in on the secret, too. If you have an event or special moment coming up and you’d like to give flowers, please contact us to learn more about our beautiful dahlias and a variety of other arrangements.