Sending the Perfect New Baby Flowers

Sending the Perfect New Baby Flowers

A new baby is a happy occasion for most families, one that makes everyone want to celebrate. You may wonder if new baby flowers are appropriate to send. The answer is: absolutely! A great bouquet or arrangement can brighten up a home. However, you want to make sure to pick the right varieties for the new family.

Check In With the New Parents

As you prepare to send your flowers, take a moment to talk to the family. First, make sure the family doesn't have any allergies that would be aggravated by certain flower types. You can also ask if the family has any specific types of blooms that they really love.

Pick Mild New Baby Flowers

Although a family may not have any allergies, new babies are still very sensitive to everything around them, including fragrances. Choose flowers that have mild scents and don't fill an entire room with their smell. Anything that is too overpowering could be a problem for mom and baby.

Go With a Theme

Once you've taken care of some basic housekeeping, it's time to pick the perfect flowers to send! Picking a theme will help guide you as you shop. You can come up with something of your own or see if the family already has a décor theme for the baby.


A traditional theme for new baby flowers is gender. Base the color and style of the flowers on whether the family has welcomed a boy or a girl.

For a boy, you may want to choose flowers in shades of blue, yellow, and orange. Picks like orchids, red anthuriums, and freesias fit well. You can also add in iris and hyacinth.

For a girl, classic pink and purple tones are usually welcomed. Think of pink roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies. To fill out your arrangement, add white roses to the mix.

For either gender, pick a vase that accentuates the colors of the flowers you've picked. Your vase should also be nice enough that the family keeps it and reuses it for years to come.

Match the Family's Theme

Sometimes, the family can make things easy for you by already having a theme picked out. Say they have decided on a tropical theme for the baby's nursery. Bright and bold tropical flowers, like bird of paradise or amaryllis flowers, could fit in well. A country-chic theme could call for daisies or tulips instead.

When Should You Send New Baby Flowers?

As you plan your flower gift, consider when you want to send them. Many new parents get flowers while they are still in the hospital. This can liven up the hospital room for the days they have to be there. However, be mindful of how the parents will transport large arrangements when it's time to leave.

It's also nice to send the flowers during the family's first week home. Mom and Dad will have a lot going on as they adjust, and a flower delivery with a sweet card is a nice pick-me-up.

To help make the arrival of a new baby even more special, contact Beverly Hills Florist to send new baby flowers to the family! It's a great gift that will speak volumes.