Thank You Flowers: When To Gift Them and What To Send

Thank You Flowers: When To Gift Them and What To Send

People often think of flowers as expressions of love, but these fragrant gifts can also express gratitude. Flowers are an excellent and refreshing way to say "thank you," especially if you want your message of gratitude to stand out. As premier florists, we believe there is no right or wrong way to send thank you flowers, but we put together this small guide to help those who are hoping for a little guidance.

When Is the Best Time To Send Flowers as a Sign of Gratitude? 

Saying thank you is always appreciated, but not every action rises to the level of calling for a thank you gift, especially a flower arrangement. Obviously, we are biased and encourage people to send flowers whenever the mood strikes, but if you are looking for specific occasions when sending flowers to express gratitude is appropriate, there are certain times they are especially fitting:

  • Celebrating the successful completion of a team project 
  • Showing appreciation for an enjoyable evening 
  • Expressing gratitude for someone’s support during a challenging time 

Should You Send Thank You Flowers? 

Gratitude flowers are appropriate in various situations, including business and personal. However, you want to consider the situation and the relationship.

People use flowers to express many emotions, but because of their delicate nature and romantic appearance, people often associate bouquets with love, passion, or compassion. Giving flowers as a professional thank you can seem tricky or awkward, but there are many flowers that can show thanks without blurring the lines of professionalism.

When giving flowers to express gratitude, you should also consider the person. You want to ensure you know their allergies, dislikes, and likes. In most situations, sticking with relatively neutral choices, such as sunflowers, orchids, carnations, or lilies, is the best option.

Writing the Thank You Card 

Many people can choose flower arrangements without issue but then get stumped with the card. The included card is essential to ensuring your message is clear. Cards in flower arrangements are usually not large, so you need to provide a direct note, but not a long one.

To write the card, consider the recipient. If you are sending thank you flowers to a co-worker or employer, keep the message professional. For flowers sent to a friend or family member, the language can and should be more casual.

Finally, regardless of who you send the flowers to, always include a closing. The closing is a valediction — derivative of the Latin phrase "vale dicere," meaning "to say farewell." Examples of valedictions include:

  • "Love" 
  • "All the best" 
  • "Best wishes" 
  • "Cheers" 
  • "Take care" 

What Are the Best Flowers To Say Thank You? 

In the current cultural climate, flowers are perfect gender-neutral gifts, meaning they are excellent options for men and women. All people can appreciate the beauty of a bouquet, and the personality flowers can add to any environment.

While all flowers can make potential thank you gifts, some are more suited to the situation than others. Some flowers have specific meanings. Therefore, when gifting flowers as an expression of thanks, consider the following varieties first:

  • Roses: Traditionally used to express love, the rose can also express gratitude. Pink roses are excellent choices for saying thank you. However, you can express gratitude with any mature blossom. 
  • Hydrangeas: These flowers help express gratitude for understanding and compassion. To make bouquets more interesting, select various colors. Hydrangeas come in blue, pink, and white. 
  • Sweet peas: If your goal is to say "thank you for a lovely time," sweet peas should be your flower of choice. Besides a delightful fragrance, sweet peas come in several colors, including lavender, white, pink, and bi-colored. 
  • Bellflowers: From the genus Campanula, bellflowers are often used to express simple thank yous. People admire the flower for its distinctive bell, cup, or star shapes. 
  • Camellias: Flowers in this genus are colorful and also express gratitude. Camellias are evergreen shrubs, meaning they are also long-lasting gifts. 

Where Can You Find Thank You Flowers? 

You want to do your homework when shopping around for flowers. Consider these factors:

  • Florist's reputation 
  • Price 
  • Delivery area 
  • Delivery speed 
  • Catalog 
  • Customer service 

We have an extensive selection of flowers to express all moods for all occasions, business and professional. Also, we offer same-day delivery to the greater Los Angeles area, meaning you can rest assured that your loved one, acquaintance, or business associate will receive their gift in a timely fashion.

Are you ready to buy thank you flowers for that special someone or to express your gratitude to an employer or co-worker? Head over to Beverly Hills Florist and check out our unique and expertly crafted bouquets and arrangements. We can't wait to hear from you.