The 4 Best Flowers To Say I'm Sorry

The 4 Best Flowers To Say I'm Sorry

If someone in your life requires a heartfelt apology, you can begin the healing process by giving this important person the best flowers to say I'm sorry. Moving through hard times together strengthens any relationship, and as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Sending flowers is a simple and timeless way to apologize, but you may be wondering which flowers are appropriate for this situation. 

Best Flowers To Say I'm Sorry Show You Care 

For apologies, it's best to avoid sending flowers with strong, well-known meanings, such as a large bouquet of red roses. This is the perfect occasion to send uncommon flowers, arrangements with plenty of fresh green accents, and adaptable pieces that fit with any desk or home. Consider these four options to reach out:

1. White or Green Orchids

Orchids' simplicity and elegance make them one of the best flowers for apologies. White is the classic color of clean slates, fresh starts and forgiveness, while green orchids bring to mind growth and renewal. 

Orchids are streamlined enough to meld with any design scheme. As your recipient displays the stunning orchids, this beautiful offering serves as a constant reminder that you care. Contrary to popular belief, cut orchids stand up well compared to other cut flowers. As long as they're kept out of direct sunlight and watered appropriately, orchids can stay vibrant for a week or more. 

2. Spring Tulips

Another fantastic option for apology flowers is a multicolored bouquet to brighten your recipient's day. Tulips are one of the best flowers to say I'm sorry since they are associated with spring and new beginnings. According to Amsterdam's Tulip Festival, tulips have specific meanings by color.

Pink tulips for good wishes, yellow tulips for happiness, and purple tulips for rebirth combine to make an uplifting 'I'm sorry' arrangement. Cut tulips keep beautifully when provided with plenty of cold, clean water and flower food.

3. White Roses

Many consider roses their favorite flower, making white roses another perfect choice to say you are sorry. Roses are associated with romantic love, and white roses specifically symbolize forgiveness and starting over. Like orchids, white roses fashioned simply can meld with any decor. They pair well with leafy green accents for a natural-looking arrangement. 

4. Pastel Peonies

Peonies aren't usually the first flower that comes to mind for bouquets, which means they stand out as gifts. Abundant petals give peonies a soft, gentle look that is perfect for expressing care and sympathy. Peonies also have a soothing, sweet scent that is often used in floral perfumes since it is subtly uplifting without being overpowering. White peonies, combined with pale pinks to represent gentleness, form a gift that is memorable while remaining airy and elegant

Best Flowers To Say I'm Sorry Help Loved Ones Heal

Flowers have served to communicate care for generations. The best flowers to say I'm sorry are a physical reminder of your sentiments as flowers grow and heal over time, just like your bond with your loved one. To send the perfect I'm sorry arrangement, browse Beverly Hills Florist's specially curated selection.