The Benefits of Smelling Flowers

The Benefits of Smelling Flowers

Whether you're walking in a flower garden or receiving an arrangement of festive flowers, there is nothing like those vibrant scents to bring an instant smile to your face. While people immediately recognize the joy of breathing in fresh bloom smells, they may not realize there are other intrinsic benefits to smelling flowers. If you are a lover of floral aromas, you will be delighted to know that having a bouquet in the house has advantages when it comes to enjoying a happier and healthier life.

How Does Smelling Flowers Improve Your Wellness?

It is not an overstatement to say that flowers bring a wealth of good things to your life. Flower scents have immediate and powerful effects on the olfactory senses, which send strong chemical signals to the brain, inducing feelings of pleasure and relaxation throughout the body. While you are taking in the lovely sights and smells, your brain is reading your reactions and registering these feel-good neurochemical processes for future reference. The more flowers you have around, the better you feel. Here are some ways you reap the flower power.

Reduce Your Stress

People are incorporating natural elements in their homes to feel better and limit stressors. Flowers are a great choice to achieve a calming environment. A University of North Florida study revealed a 9% reduction in stress for participants who received flower deliveries over twelve days. Entering a room and smelling flowers gives a sense of comfort and security. Most individuals have highly positive associations with floral scents that tend to ease pent-up negative energy.

Give Your Brain a Boost

The aromas flowers exude are good for overall brain function. The smells that people enjoy or dislike both engage their brain chemistry. However, good associations with smells change how your brain handles incoming information. If your brain senses positive stimuli, you feel less anxious and depressed.

Different floral scents have various benefits. Fragrant blooms, such as roses, can provide powerful brain boosts. Scientists have found that exposure to the scent of roses while sleeping helps people retain information. Fragrant smells also lead to bursts of creativity.

Improve Your Mood

Flowers make people happy. Their colors, textures, and smells support better mental health. Positive emotional responses are tied to the scents that surround your experiences. The beneficial effects are the same whether people receive flowers or buy their own. The wonderful burst of smells that flowers emit is an immediate mood enhancer.

Order Now and Start Smelling Flowers for a Healthier You

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Given the importance of smelling flowers, you don't have to wait for a specific event to have a delivery sent to your door. If you want to experience the goodness that flowers bring, browse our collections to choose from unique and beautiful arrangements that can add the right color and aromatic touch to any décor.