The Significance of Flowers: Popular Days To Gift Holiday Flowers

The Significance of Flowers: Popular Days To Gift Holiday Flowers

Sending flowers is a thoughtful expression of affection and appreciation. When you send holiday flowers to a loved one, it reminds them that you care. Find out which days are most popular to send a floral arrangement.

Why Do People Send Holiday Flowers?

Throughout history, humans have been giving flowers to one another. However, in Victorian era England, people began to use flowers to communicate specific feelings. Back then, it was impolite to fully express emotions, including those of appreciation, sympathy, remorse or love. If a strong emotion was uncomfortable to speak about, people did not talk about it out loud.

To combat the problems associated with being unable to express feelings, people in the Victorian era began to give more official meanings to flowers. They used flowers to further a connection with others, much like we do now.

How Do Other Countries Gift Flowers?

Throughout the world, different countries have different rules of etiquette, not only involving gift-giving but also when to give flowers and which flowers are ideal for which occasions.


There is no specific etiquette regarding gift-giving except for host and hostess gifts, birthdays, holidays and weddings. Flowers have certain meanings, however. For example, you only give red roses for someone you romantically love, lilies for funerals and white flowers for weddings.


In Japan, floral gifts are customary, particularly to cheer someone up in the hospital. Stick to plants that do not require a pot, however. Some may interpret potted plants to mean the illness will take deeper root.


In Mexico, flowers are a welcome gift in most situations. Many celebrations include colorful flowers. Often, giving a gift symbolizes appreciation or affection. For example, you may give someone a gift when invited into their home or in a business setting after sealing a deal. Not giving a small gift of appreciation may be considered rude.

Top 10 Occasions for Holiday Flowers

You never need a reason to send someone flowers, but holiday flowers often require a special occasion.

1. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day falls on February 14 every year. It is also one of the most popular days to give flowers to your loved one. Most people choose red roses as a gift to their romantic partner. Remember that you do not always have to go with the traditional flower. If your partner appreciates carnations or marigolds, rather than roses, give them flowers they love.

2. Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday in March. On employee appreciation day, employers should make a point to recognize those who work hard for their company. One way to identify them is with a gift of flowers.

3. Mother's Day

Holiday flowers are popular when celebrating Mother's Day. Mother's Day happens on the second Sunday of May every year. To celebrate mothers, consider pink, feminine floral arrangements.

4. Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, the U.S. celebrates the military servicemembers who died in service to the country. You can choose any flowers, though many people choose patriotic bouquets. You deliver these flowers to the cemetery to gift to fallen loved ones.

5. Father's Day

Father's Day always falls on the third Sunday of June. When choosing a floral arrangement for the father in your life, think about summer floral arrangements or colors that he loves.

6. Labor Day

The people who receive gifts on Labor Day tend to be employees. You can give your employees, coworkers or even your boss a Labor Day bouquet. Look for late summer or early fall arrangements to usher in the changing seasons.

7. Grandparents' Day

Grandparents' Day is the second Sunday of September. Much like Mother's and Father's Day, Grandparents' Day is the day for grandchildren to celebrate their elders. Often, kids give artwork and other personalized gifts to their grandparents. Holiday flowers are another way to show your appreciation.

8. Halloween

While candy bouquets may be more prevalent on Halloween, why not find a fun floral arrangement too? Purple or orange vases can be the foundation for orange marigolds, lilies or purple perennials.

9. Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is the ideal time to bring a floral arrangement to the person hosting the evening meal. Thanksgiving is all about autumnal bouquets. Look for arrangements with deep oranges and browns.

10. Christmas Day

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays to share gifts. Poinsettias are iconic during the holiday season. Consider gifting family or friends poinsettias to show off on their mantle.

Celebrate Your Loved Ones Everyday

When celebrating your loved ones, holiday flowers can make a simple and thoughtful gift. To find the ideal arrangement for your next holiday, contact us at Beverly Hills Florist.