What Are the Best Flowers for Him?

What Are the Best Flowers for Him?

Flowers are a classic gift, but people usually give them to women. Think about all the different arrangements businesses come up with for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and anniversaries for the special women in your life. However, you seldom see flower promotions for men's special days, including birthdays or Father's Day. At Beverly Hills Florist, we know flowers for him are a great way to show you care. You just need to pick the right ones.

Picking Flowers for Him

When choosing flowers for your favorite guy, try to find varieties that are striking but not frilly. Plenty of flowers feature bold lines and colors that will impress any guy.


This tropical plant is a great option to present to the man in your life. It has a flower — but not the kind with traditional petals. Instead, it has a red and waxy bloom that isn't fussy. The rest of the plant is deep green, and there are no pastels. This makes it a good gift for men to put in an office.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise is another great tropical flower for him. Because the flower grows tall and has a striking shape and magnificent colors, it can stand alone in a centerpiece or with minimal accompaniments. A minimalist arrangement with a bird of paradise at the center is a great flower gift for a man.


Orchids also have the benefit of growing tall and standing out on their own, so you can avoid a fluffy or overly busy bouquet. A nice orchid decorated well makes a great gift. Orchids also come in a variety of colors, so it's easy to find something that works with anyone's style choices.


On the softer side of the floral spectrum, look at lilies. While you may not think of them as flowers for him, they symbolize love and care. They are perfect to give to someone when you want to show affection. You can choose different colors that can feel more masculine. The larger size of the blooms also helps them feel a bit more imposing.


As you look for flowers for your guy, don't count out roses. They are one of the most classic flower choices, and the different colors can symbolize a large range of ideas, including love, passion and friendship. You can get a small bouquet or present a man with a single rose to express your care.

When To Get Flowers for Him

There are plenty of occasions where sending a man flowers is a great idea. Flowers are a terrific way to send get well wishes if someone is recovering from an injury. They also are an appropriate way to say congratulations on a promotion or a new job. Just like flowers for her, you don't need a special reason to get flowers for him. Anytime you want to show you care is a good time.

The next time you need a memorable gift for a man in your life, look into getting flowers for him. Let Beverly Hills Florist help you choose the blooms that will leave him smiling at your thoughtfulness.