Which Anniversary Flowers Should You Give Your Significant Other This Year?

Which Anniversary Flowers Should You Give Your Significant Other This Year?

Flowers are one of the most traditional ways to demonstrate affection for a loved one. This is especially true in a marriage. Since ancient times, anniversary flowers have been used to express love, compassion, and esteem on wedding anniversaries. The flowers used vary according to the desired message and the occasion.

Choose Anniversary Flowers by Year

Let's look at the tradition of giving anniversary flowers. We'll discover the meaning behind each year's official flower, so you'll know exactly which blooms to get for your loved one this year.

1st Anniversary Flowers

The traditional flower for your first anniversary is carnations. They are bright, lively, and come in a variety of colors. Carnations transmit a message of youth and passion and are perfect for commemorating the first anniversary of two forever lovers.

2nd Anniversary

The official anniversary flowers for your second anniversary are cosmos. These delicate flowers represent harmony and the sharing of experiences. They show that love and unity are stronger than misunderstandings or arguments.

3rd Anniversary

For your third anniversary, the customary flowers to give are sunflowers. Sunflowers are a powerful symbol. They continually look toward the sun with admiration and love, like a couple looks at each other in admiration. They also symbolize positivity and happiness.

4th Anniversary Flowers

Geraniums are the perfect fourth-anniversary flowers. Typically, they're red, pink, or white. They symbolize good wishes, happiness, and friendship, which is a vital part of any marriage.

5th Anniversary

This year's corresponding flowers are daisies. Daisies are simple and beautiful, representing the beauty of simple acts of kindness and the love that a couple has shared.

6th Anniversary

The elegant and sophisticated calla lily is the symbol for a sixth anniversary. The calla lily means marital bliss and faithful devotion for the married couple.

7th Anniversary

Freesias are the anniversary flowers traditionally gifted for the seventh year. They represent the strong bond created by trust and sweetness.

8th Anniversary Flowers

Representing wisdom and mental beauty, the clematis flower should be gifted on your eighth anniversary. It is also called the leather flower and is a large, gorgeous vine flower ranging from white to purple to red. Some varieties are even yellow.

9th Anniversary

This year's flowers are poppies. Generally, poppies mean peace. Red poppies symbolize pleasure, while yellow poppies represent success. Avoid white poppies on an anniversary, as these are for consolation.

10th Anniversary

You have achieved a decade of marriage, and the perfect way to celebrate is with a stunning bouquet of daffodils! Daffodils mean joy, happiness, cheer, resilience, and forgiveness. They are the perfect symbol for ten years of matrimony.

15th Anniversary

Achieving 15 years together is a milestone only adequately symbolized by roses. Roses are the ultimate anniversary flowers meaning love, passion, and romance. It means that romance and passion are still alive after so many years. Red roses, specifically, convey the intense love that has only grown over time.

20th Anniversary Flowers

The stunning aster flower expresses the fondness, wisdom, and faith that have been growing during two decades of love! "Aster" means "star" in Greek, and highlights the bright, shining moments in your marriage.

25th Anniversary

Irises are unique, tall, and bright flowers representing your 25 years together. No matter what, you have stuck together and stood tall in the face of adversity.

30th Anniversary

The traditional selection of anniversary flowers for your 30th anniversary is lilies. They represent long-lasting devotion and commitment. Their sweet aroma and stunning shapes and colors beg to be admired, much like 30 years of marriage!

40th Anniversary

Gladiolus flowers bring to mind a sense of strength and loyalty. These are essential to achieving 40 years of marriage and are two characteristics worth commemorating. Gladiolus means 'little sword' in Latin, which symbolizes that marriage is worth fighting for and protecting at all costs.

50th Anniversary Flowers

Half a century of marriage is a goal that is not easily reached! This means a special celebration with unique anniversary flowers. Yellow roses and violets symbolize how two people have come together to complement each other, and that, though many years have passed, the couple's love is young and bright. It is the only anniversary where two distinct flowers are used.

Show Your Devotion and Love With Anniversary Flowers

If your anniversary is coming up, remember there is no more elegant and beautiful way to commemorate the occasion than gifting your loved one anniversary flowers. If you're looking for the perfect bouquet, Beverly Hills Florist has stunning arrangements ideal for your upcoming anniversary that you can see here.


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