Why Happy Birthday Flowers Mean So Much

Why Happy Birthday Flowers Mean So Much

Everyone wants to be remembered on their birthday. A birthday is a small and personal holiday, a time to feel significant and honored; it's a chance for people close to you to tell you how much they love you.

Flowers are a powerful way to express how you feel about someone, and happy birthday flowers are a perfect way to show that you care about a friend or loved one's special day.

Flowers Make People Feel Happy

Flowers are beautiful to look at. They are colorful and bright, and they smell lovely, too. Most people have a favorite blossom or two. But did you know that you are literally giving the gift of joy when you present someone with fresh flowers?

Flowers can do what other common gifts cannot; they create a natural, biological reaction of happiness, and it's one that lasts.

Rutgers University and Harvard have both conducted studies on the emotional effects of receiving flowers. The results were consistent: flowers make people feel cheerful. The studies showed that flowers produced an immediate feeling of genuine happiness when people received them, as well as a longer-term improvement in the recipient's mood, which lasted up to several days.

The Chemistry of Receiving Flowers

When you look at a fresh bouquet of colorful happy birthday flowers, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin produces a feeling of well-being and quiet confidence in one's life. This flood of serotonin is one way the human body generates a positive and uplifted feeling.

Interestingly, preserving serotonin is the goal of most anti-depressant medications. Flowers give us this sense of calm naturally.

Dopamine is another natural chemical produced by the body that generates a mood-lifting effect on the human brain. Dopamine creates a sense of hope or expectation. This reaction to gazing at colorful blooms is thought to be tied to our ancestors' relief at the sight of budding spring flowers. The end of a long and arduous winter was certainly a reason to feel joyful.

The Sharing Effect of Happy Birthday Flowers

Studies have shown that people also enjoy sharing the flowers they've received, displaying them in common or public areas of their homes, where friends and family can also see and appreciate them. After getting happy birthday flowers, people feel a whole range of positive emotions, including an increased sense of relationship with their fellow human beings.

Flowers demonstrate a personal connection between you and the recipient. By giving flowers, you are communicating a level of nurturing and intimacy that shows you hold the person in high regard. Remarkably, flowers deliver this message without overstepping social boundaries. You can give flowers to anyone, from a life partner to a random person on the street, and the cheering effect is more or less universal.

Happy Birthday Flowers Affect How People See the Gift Giver

Giving flowers elevates impressions of you, too, whether you are a virtual stranger or a close friend. Both men and women who give flowers are perceived by others as:

  • Confident, capable, and successful
  • Emotionally connected and balanced
  • Thoughtful, courageous, and kind

There are no negative connotations associated with giving flowers. People simply think more highly of you when you share these delicate blossoms.

Flowers Have a Language of Their Own

Throughout history and across the world, flowers have been a traditional way for humans to express their feelings. In Victorian times, each bud or bloom took on a specific meaning. How the flowers were presented was also significant, and messages that could not be spoken aloud were passed along in the secret language of plants and flowers.

While most people today don't use flowers to express themselves quite as literally as they did in the Victorian era, these precious blooms still express meaning and emotions between people that we might otherwise have difficulty conveying. The vivid colors and gentle scents can express friendship and love without the awkwardness of finding the right words.

Happy Birthday Flowers Are a Brilliant Choice

When someone you know is having a birthday, don't miss the opportunity to share the gift of flowers. Choose a generous selection of favorites if you know what the recipient prefers. Otherwise, select a colorful and cheerful mix to celebrate the day and brighten any room.

Your local florist can put together just the right combination for the occasion. Shop online for same-day delivery of the perfect bouquet at Beverly Hills Florist. We specialize in the highest quality happy birthday flowers and create beautiful specialty bouquets that express your emotions and help to enhance your personal relationships.