Why You Should Order a Birthday Flower Delivery Each Year

Why You Should Order a Birthday Flower Delivery Each Year

Finding the best way to honor a loved one's birthday can get tricky as the years pass by. Flowers add an intimate touch to any birthday. When you order a birthday flower delivery for a special person in your life, there is a two-fold benefit. Flowers can show them how much they mean to you, and birthday flowers can also have a positive healing and mood impact on the celebrants.

A Birthday Flower Delivery Provides Instant Happiness

Birthdays are met with a plethora of emotions. Whether the birthday celebrant feels excited or depressed, flowers are an easy way to lift anyone's spirits. In a small study performed at Rutgers University, participants expressed "excited" smiles after receiving flowers, exhibiting quick delight. When you send a bouquet to loved ones on their birthdays, you can start their special day on a happy high.

Flowers Can Boost Mood and Relieve Stress

Nature has a positive impact on our mental health. Research from the Department of Public Health at the University of North Florida has demonstrated that flowers at home can decrease stress. When you send a birthday flower delivery to your loved one, your floral arrangement can be a visible tool to help relieve stress. Flowers can also mitigate or lessen feelings of anxiety, agitation, and depression. When flowers are on constant display, they can elicit a greater sense of satisfaction and enjoyment of life.

Different Flowers Offer Distinct Health Benefits

In addition to adding beauty to your loved one's home, a birthday flower delivery can provide a positive impact on his or her overall health. The following flowers are associated with several benefits:

  • Lavender: Improve sleep and heart health
  • Geraniums: Help to purify the air
  • Orchids: Exude calming effects
  • Roses: May relieve headaches and improve memory
  • Tulips: Can relieve tension and fatigue

Flowers stimulate not only the sense of smell and sight, but their colors can also elicit different emotions. When you are particular about the type of flower and the specific color palette used to create a flower arrangement, you have the power to provide a multi-sensorial experience for the recipient that can improve mood, physical health, and overall life satisfaction.

The Perfect Birthday Flower Delivery Takes Experience

When you send a floral arrangement to your family or friends, you are sending them a very visible reminder that you care for them. A birthday flower delivery is not only exciting for your loved ones, but it is also a feel-good experience for you as well. On the flip side, selecting the best birthday bouquet can be overwhelming. To make a floral arrangement more personal to the celebrant, the specific palette and flower choice are important.

Certain palettes can create certain moods that you may or may not wish to relay, such as whimsical or sensual. At the Beverly Hills Florist, we pay careful attention to the color and type of flowers for every birthday flower delivery we create. Peruse our ready-made bouquets online or contact our flower artisans to create a customized floral delight for your loved one.