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Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew, is a major Jewish holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt, as narrated in the biblical book of Exodus. It's celebrated for seven or eight days, depending on tradition, and typically falls in the springtime.

The central ritual of Passover is the Seder, a special meal held on the first two nights (in most Jewish communities outside of Israel) of the holiday. During the Seder, participants retell the story of the Exodus through readings from the Haggadah, a special text that guides the ceremony. Key elements of the Seder include the consumption of symbolic foods, such as matzo (unleavened bread), bitter herbs (maror), and a mixture of apples, nuts, wine or grape juice known as charoset, which represents the mortar used by Jewish slaves in ancient Egypt.

Throughout Passover, Jews refrain from eating chametz, which is any food product made from wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt that has come into contact with water and been allowed to ferment and rise. Instead, they eat matzo, the unleavened bread, to symbolize the haste with which the Israelites fled Egypt, leaving no time for their bread to rise.

Passover is not only a time for reflection on Jewish history and identity but also for celebrating freedom and renewal. It's a time for families and communities to come together, share a special meal, and reaffirm their connection to their heritage and faith.




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      Avoid overwatering which leads to the demise of many more orchids than underwatering. Constant wetness will cause the roots to rot, which leaves the plant without a means for taking up nourishment which then causes the leaves to droop and will eventually kill the plant. The classic advice is to water the day before the plant dries out. If you have to let the plant go dry to figure out what a dry plant weighs, it will not kill the plant and will make you a better grower.

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